Does the Heartbleed Bug Affect Your Booking Engine?

Heartbleed Travel Book Now Security

Online booking security is a scary topic. Recent security lapses and hacks across the Web continue to bring this issue to the front page of the news. The latest worry is the Heartbleed Bug, discovered in a commonly used encryption package called OpenSSL. What is Heartbleed? It is open source encryption software that is used by many (but not all) web servers to communicate securely. When you see the padlock in your browser such as during a hotel booking, data sent and received is being encrypted. The URL in the browser will start with "https://" which means SSL encryption is protecting the … [Read the Full Article...]

FAQ Answers Booking Questions Before They Are Asked


How confident are you that when a booking question comes up, that person will contact you to get it answered? 75% of the time? 50%? 33%? It is impossible to know how many of your travel bookings are lost to unanswered questions. Making yes or no … [Read the Full Article...]

6 Hotel Website Mistakes That May Cost You Bookings

Do Not Auto-Play Music on Travel Websites

Your hotel website is the key to being found and the most profitable pathway for room bookings. So why do so many hospitality websites make the same mistakes and turn away booking leads? There are dozens of small issues that appear again and again, … [Read the Full Article...]

Top 4 Travel Marketing Trends to Take Action in 2014

Travel Marketing Trends for 2014

What are the best ways for hotels, tour operators, and travel agencies to get more bookings in 2014? 2013 saw the introduction and trending of many new optimization, social, and online marketing techniques and technologies. So where should you put … [Read the Full Article...]