4 Ways Hotel Marketers Can Target Adventure Travelers

Adventure Travel Vacancy Sign

Not all of your hotel guests are there to swim in the pool, play golf, hold meetings, or be a passive tourist. Some are visiting your destination for adventure. Adventure travel is a fast growing sector of the travel industry, especially as part of the trend for sustainable travel. What you are doing to target your hotel to get more bookings from guests seeking adventure? What is Adventure Travel and Tourism The Global Report on Adventure Tourism highlights the scope and diversity of the term "adventure travel." This survey published by the United National World Tourism Organization or … [Read the Full Article...]

Learn Book Now Travel Website Optimization – 10 Week Free Email Training Course

Training Course Book Now Optimization

You've heard of search engine optimization (SEO), but what does "Book Now Optimization" do for my travel business? SEO helps your website get found online while booking optimization helps you convert visitors to customers. There are so many quick … [Read the Full Article...]