About BookingCounts

Booking Conversion Optimization for Travel Marketers

Booking Conversion Optimization is at the core of everything we do at BookingCounts™.  We publish travel content and deliver software tools to optimize travel marketing online and help you get more visitors to book now or later (when they are ready).

Travel businesses that can benefit from BookingCounts include:

  • Tour companies, especially local tours operators and specialty guides
  • Hotels, Inns, B&Bs, and unique lodging options and places to stay
  • Tourist attractions including museums, historic places, and cultural performances
  • Travel marketing firms and consultants who manage online advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Events, festivals, sports, celebrations, and special programs that happen once or multiple times a year
  • Online travel agents that specialize in destinations or customer segments
  • Entertainment and food venues such as restaurants, music and theater promoters, and fun parks

To convince visitors to make a booking it is essential that you promote a positive reputation online, sell trustworthy travel products and services, and offer a safe and secure reservation process. It is also essential that you make it simple for visitors to “bookmark” your site to remember to come back when they are ready to learn more and book travel.

Technology – Travel Email Remarketing

Book Later Button LogoBookingCounts invented, developed, and promoted the Book Later Button™ starting back in 2012 to capture traveler leads that are not ready to “Book Now” and send out email reminders to return and book later. The company is committed to building software apps and travel technology integrations so that the every hotel, tour operator, and travel agency website can benefit from email remarketing. Since visitors planning a trip are unlikely to complete a booking on their first visit, travel businesses need a reputable, trustworthy, and secure way to capture and convert strong leads.

Instead of hoping that your visitors will bookmark or share your site URL before browsing elsewhere, add a “Book Later” lead capture form or landing page to make getting their email address the next call-to-action. Regardless of your website platform and email service provider, you can launch a travel email remarketing campaign with the help of BookingCounts. With the power and effectiveness of remarketing, your travel business gets a second chance to convince visitors to revisit your website and complete a booking.

Blog – Booking Conversion Optimization

The “Get More Bookings” blog at BookingCounts.com is a “How-To” guide for travel and tourism businesses that accept bookings online.  It does not matter whether you have an electronic booking system, lengthy web booking form, clickable availability calendar, or rely on email and phone to handle booking inquiries.  Follow our blog to learn how to increase the look-to-book-ratio for any website that promotes hospitality, tours, vacation packages, and things to do while on vacation.

Blog posts at BookingCounts.com offer practical step-by-step advice especially for independent, small, specialty and boutique hotels, B&Bs, travel agents, tour operators, and specialty activity companies. You are already doing everything you can to maximize traffic to your website via SEO, online advertising, and social media. When people reach your site you must also convince them that you can deliver what you promise – a valuable, unforgettable, and worry free vacation.

Do you want to increase your online booking rate by capturing leads and running a remarketing campaign to convert them to customers?  BookingCounts is the place to turn for in-depth articles, travel marketing best practices, travel web technology tool, and online resources about running a successful travel business – one that gets more direct bookings.

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