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97% of Visitors Will Not Be Convinced to Click the Book Now Button

Statistics across the travel industry show conversion rates hovering in the 2-3% range. That means as much as 97% of people who reach your website (and you know how much effort went into driving that travel consumer traffic) leave without clicking your “Book Now” button. As a hotel, tour, or travel marketer, what can you do to increase this number?

Book Later Remarketing Diagram

Learn how to get a second chance to convert lookers to bookers by capturing and sending email booking reminders.  With Book Later Remarketing™, you email a reminder message to visitors that are not ready to book now. This powerful travel marketing technique is the risk-free way to give your website visitors an easy way out of making a “Book Now” or else decision.

What is Book Later Button™ Remarketing

Book Later Button App LogoThe concept of “Book Later”™ is simply to capture travel consumers that are not ready to “Book Now” and send them an email message to revisit and make a booking later. You work so hard to drive traffic to your website and capture their trip planning imagination, but are you capturing leads as well?

Travel email remarketing happens after you convince visitors to get in touch by delivering email reminder to return to your site and book later.

The suggestion to receive a reminder to book later is your secondary call-to-action (CTA) button.  When someone is interested but not ready to book this very minute (which is likely to be the case), take the opportunity to ask for their email address before they browse elsewhere.

Here are some book later form examples to use as travel email remarketing inspiration.

Book Later Email Capture Form Examples

When the time is right, send an email reminder message to convince them to return and complete a direct booking when they are ready. The typical behavior of your target market will determine whether to send a reminder right away, later that day, or in a day or two. Just be clear in your booking reminder email capture form what people are signing up for.

Why Travel Conversion Requires Multiple Site Visits

For most, travel is a major purchasing decision and rarely an impulse buy. Marketing travel products and services cannot be compared to asking people to buy e-books, holiday gifts, and most physical consumer products. No matter how ideal your tour itinerary, hotel, vacation package, resort, boutique inn, adventure holiday, etc… is, people are extremely unlikely to book right away. They need time and a reminder to make a travel booking decision

Most people are commitment-averse and the bigger the purchase (like booking travel), the more likely they will want to delay making a decision. Consider the most common reasons visitors leave your website without completing a booking:

Reasons why people are not ready to Book Now

  • Browsing tourism sites before finalizing travel dates, budget, and overall plans
  • Wishes to talk it over with family, friends, and travel partners to get their input
  • Price sensitive and wishes to delay, hoping that rates will go down soon
  • Takes their time when making purchasing decisions like booking pricey vacations
  • Not comfortable booking personal travel while on their work computer
  • Using a mobile device or smart phone that makes it difficult to securely book
  • Novice at booking travel online and needs someone else to help out

What About Social Media for Travel Marketers?

You are already familiar with social media and sharing widgets that allow visitors to post and share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the like. Sharing is wonderful and an essential part of your travel marketing outreach.  However social media campaigns for your hotel, tour, or travel agency is not the same as starting a booking conversion.

Social media can spread your travel branding, interact with vacation-minded followers, and encourage viral marketing (sharing with friends, family, and the wider social network).  This can lead to more bookings but tracking is difficult and out of your direct control.  While sharing helps people remember the name of your hotel, tour, activity or vacation booking site, it is not a proactive way to get quality repeat traffic.

Hands on travel marketing involves one-on-one marketing.  You identify a booking prospect and move them down the sales funnel from lead to booked guest or paying customer.

Besides social media, other visitors may bookmark your URL, copy your travel fact sheet into a Word doc, capture vacation ideas in EverNote, or use Pinterest to grab an inspiring travel photo. While these are important tools for extending your travel marketing effort into social media, they are not designed to convert lookers into bookers.

Social Media Plus Book Later Button for Travel Marketing

By implementing a direct way for visitors to start a booking conversation by sharing their email address, your booking conversion rates will naturally increase. Before people leave your site without making a booking, offer them a simple, easy and secure way to request a travel email reminder to return and (likely) book later.

Combining social media marketing with travel email remarketing is the perfect mix for booking conversion optimization.

Second Chance Booking Conversion

The Book Later process was devised to capture traveler information, share your remarketing message, and convert more bookings.  Here is the play-by-play:

  • Prospect finds your hotel, tour, or travel booking website via SEO, AdWords, Social Media, or online marketing.
  • Prospect becomes a lead after they become interested in booking a room, a guided tour, or vacation package.
  • Lead is “Not Ready to Book Now” and wants to talk it over, comparison shop, reserve other travel first, or book from home.
  • Lead submits their email address to request a reminder to book later via contact form, landing page, or email newsletter sign-up.
  • Lead receives a travel remarketing reminder email message on schedule to convince them to return and book later.
  • Lead clicks the link back to your hotel, tour, or travel agency website to resume planning their trip.
  • Lead become a customer by clicking the “Book Now” button as a direct result of your travel remarketing efforts

See, that wasn’t so difficult! Capturing leads and sending email reminders is travel marketing common sense. Instead of spending your limited time pursuing the latest fad in social media or online marketing, go back to basics with travel email marketing and remarketing.

Next Step – Become a Travel Email Remarketing Expert

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