Get More Bookings Now and Later

Booking or "Book Now" Conversion Optimization is how hoteliers, tour operators, and travel marketers can convince more website visitors to book now or book later. Ready to get started?

Travel Booking Funnel

Travel Booking Funnel - Book Now Conversion or Book Later Remarketing

Web Optimize to Get More Bookings NOW

Optimize for Book Now

Your first priority is to convince more people to book a room, tour, or vacation package right now. On BookingCounts you will be taught numerous quick fixes and the latest strategies for improving your tourism targeted website.

Conversion optimization is the name of the game and requires:

  • Solid Tourism Business Reputation
  • Trust in Your Travel Products and Services
  • Booking Ease and Security

Send Reminders to Get More Bookings LATER

Optimize for Book Later

Since up to 97% of travel consumers will not make a booking on their first visit to your website, remarketing is how you get more bookings later. On BookingCounts you will learn inbound marketing techniques applied to the travel industry. 

  • Gaining Subscribers to Your Travel Newsletter
  • Sending Email Reminder Messages to Book Later
  • Implement Traveler Remarketing Campaigns

Wow, 101 Ways to Get More Bookings!

Our free email training series is packed full of simple, effective, and valuable tips on how to improve your website, up your travel SEO game, and get more bookings now AND later. Subscribe to BookingCounts and get this 10-week booking optimization training mini-course. 

Training Course Book Now Optimization

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Your first lesson that will arrive today, Reputable Travel is My Middle Name, tells you how to...​

  • Let Your Customers Say You Are Awesome
  • Ring the TripAdvisor Bell
  • Be Human When Responding to Negative Reviews
  • and 7 more tips for booking conversion optimization

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