Learn Book Now Travel Website Optimization – 10 Week Free Email Training Course

Training Course Book Now OptimizationYou’ve heard of search engine optimization (SEO), but what does “Book Now Optimization” do for my travel business? SEO helps your website get found online while booking optimization helps you convert visitors to customers.

There are so many quick and easy ways to tweak your website to encourage people to book now and later. Until now there was no training program which helped small and independent tourism businesses increase their booking conversion rate. That is where BookingCounts comes to the rescue!

Introducing Book Now Optimization Course

By applying the principles of Book Now Optimization, you can better compete with the top hotel, tour, and travel brands. It has taken months of effort to research and document our list of 101 ways to get more people to click your “Book Now” button. Now you can take advantage of all our techniques in an online training course format. And for a limited time we are offering it for free!

Sign up for Book Now Optimization TrainingThis training program is delivered over 10 weeks with a lesson sent to your inbox once per week. I’m sure you can do the math to realize that each lesson contains 10 tips plus a bonus one to equal 101 tweaks to get more bookings. We are offering it for free to readers of our BookingCounts.com blog to prove our reputation as experts in travel website optimization.

You’ll learn how to go the extra mile to encourage website visitors to book now. Since over 97% of visitors to your website are not ready to book travel right away, you’ll learn how to convince them to return and book later. This is your opportunity to start a booking conversation using travel content, landing pages, bookmarking, email marketing, social media, and remarketing. All of these and more are covered in the training which is absolutely free. Plus we never will share your email address – promise!

Book Now 101 Weekly Lesson Plan

After signing up, you’ll receive an email message linking to that week’s booking conversion optimization lesson topic. Here are the topics covered by this course:

Week 1

Reputable Travel is My Middle Name

Week 2

Trust Me With Your Vacation Time

Week 3

I Wrote the Book On Travel

Week 4

I’m Like Your Best Friend For Travel

Week 5

Click Book Now! Click Book Now!

Week 6

Booking Travel As Easy as 1-2-3

Week 7

Stop Your Worrying and Book A Vacation

Week 8

It’s OK to Book Later – We’ll Be There

Week 9

I’ll Inspire You to Take More Vacations

Week 10

We’ll Make Sure You Never Miss A Vacation

Why BookingCounts?

BookingCounts LogoFor years, BookingCounts.com has been sharing simple, easy to implement advice on how to get more bookings now and later. While major hotel chains, global tour operators, and name-brand online travel agencies (OTAs) have equally large marketing budgets, small and independent tourism businesses have to rely on low-cost and do-it-yourself ways to optimize their websites. Thousands of readers have seen our advice and hundreds have already signed up to our “Get More Bookings” email newsletter.

Our three factor approach to booking optimization relies on the tenets of reputation, trust, and safety.

  1. Your travel business must be reputable,
  2. You must be trustworthy to deliver the advertised vacation experience, and
  3. Your booking process must be safe and secure.

By making small optimizations to your site in these three areas, you can maximize your “Book Now” conversions.

How to Sign Up for Book Now Optimization Training

Book Now Optimization Week 1 Sample EmailFor a limited time, our email course is offered for free to all travel marketers. Whether you manage a B&B, own an independent hotel or guest house, handle online marketing for a tour operator, work as a travel agent, or lead tourist attraction marketing, you are qualified to sign up.

Simply register on our Book Now 101 Ways Training Course free signup page with your email address to begin. Share your business name and URL too and if you wish, and we’ll publish a link to your site on our certified participant page at completion.

So what are you waiting for?

Even if you only implement one tip from each email, you’ll have taken 10 giant leaps to improve your reputation, gain more trust, and convert more bookings.


Training Course Book Now Optimization

Book Now 101 Training Course (Free)

You'll receive 10 weekly lessons (with 10 tips each!) in your inbox for a total of 101 ways to get more bookings.

Your first lesson that will arrive today, Reputable Travel is My Middle Name, tells you how to...​

  • Let Your Customers Say You Are Awesome
  • Ring the TripAdvisor Bell
  • Be Human When Responding to Negative Reviews
  • and 7 more tips for booking conversion optimization

* Your email will not be shared. Sign up for the free BookingCounts training and newsletter, sent at most once per week.

Supercharge your hotel, B&B, guest house, inn, lodge, spa, tour, travel agency, or tourist attraction website to convince more visitors to go from looker to booker. Unless you have a massive travel website and marketing budget, DIY travel website optimization with BookingCounts is the way to go!

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