How to Get a U.S. Postal Address for Your Global Travel Business

Why Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Need a Virtual PO Box in the Cloud

Where is your tourism business based? Every business requires a mailing address whether that’s your leased office space, your home-office, or a rented post office box in your home city (like at the USPS or Mailboxes Etc). So why do you also need a real mailing address in the USA?
Quick take-away: many travelers prefer to deal with a travel business in the US.

Get Your Business Mail on Mobile Phone with Earth Class Mail

This travel marketing article explains the 10 reasons why a virtual PO Box (which is at a physical mailing address) is essential for converting website visitors to bookings. Are you losing tour and vacation package bookings due to your foreign “Contact Us” address? Travelers who want to book an expensive or luxury tour to your country may feel more comfortable when you advertise a US-based mailing address. So review your “Contact Us” page and ask yourself whether listing a US contact address will help you to get more bookings now and later.

Your Tour Company or Travel Agency Can Have a US Location

When you are based in a foreign or developing country, offering a mailing address in the United States of America may help you to get more bookings. Why? It’s all about building trust. Pretend that you want to take a vacation in a country that you have never visited before. You do a Google search and your tour company or travel agency comes up on the first page (great travel SEO job!).

Now go to the contact page and view the address. Do you even list your actual mailing address or just an email address or contact form (read why that’s never enough). While it’s unlikely that you’ll be contacted by mail often, simply having an address in the USA will make it seem like your business is more professional and trustworthy.

Earth Class Mail for Business

Earth Class Mail Email Inbox Envelope Scans Delivered

For example, say you target American travelers who want to go on vacation or take a cruise in China or Mexico or Kenya or Peru or Turkey for example. Of course you’ll have a registered office with an official mailing address in your home country. What if you can also have a mailing address and virtual office in the US to advertise to the world? Your Earth Class Mail address can be used as your mailing address for email marketing, on travel brochures, used to invoice clients and receive checks for payment, send promotions via social media, and list on your business card.

Email Marketing Physical Mailing Address Legal Requirements

When you send out email newsletters and promotional offers to your mailing list, you MUST include a physical mailing address for your travel business. The law varies by country but when sending opt-in email messages to subscribers…

You must include full contact information inside every promotional email campaign sent, including a physical mailing address or PO Box where you can receive mail from recipients.

Make sure you include a valid address to stay compliant and consider renting a virtual mailbox in the US for sending your travel newsletter such as with GetResponse.

BookingCounts Runs on Earth Class Mail Premium Business Solution

I rely on Earth Class Mail for running my business using their Florida virtual mailing address and have done so for several years. They have little competition and certainly none that offer these huge business benefits, multiple U.S. state address options, extremely secure mail handling policies, and a customer service staff that knows how to online businesses run.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I only recommend ECM to my travel industry partners and contacts.

Earth Class Mailbox Settings - Scan, Store, Forward

10 Benefits of EarthClassMail for Running a Travel and Tourism Business

  1. You choose your address from a list of over 50 U.S. state addresses. Which state will create the best image for your travel clients and partners?

  2. Mail can be forwarded within the US and to anywhere in the world so even if you take your clients on tour you can check and read your mail from the road.

  3. Makes it seem like you have an office in the US to promote trust and professionalism, especially when your business is based in a foreign and less familiar country.

  4. Add a USA mailing address to your business cards for attracting customers and partners at travel trade shows and vacation expos.

  5. Securely store all your postal mail electronically in the cloud just like your email communications for convenience, security, and robust reasons.

  6. Give access to your staff members to view and process booking inquiries and travel mail with 24/7 encrypted online access and via mobile friendly site.

  7. Receive and electronically deposit checks that your travel business receives to a U.S. based bank account so you can accept checks and partner payments in US dollars.

  8. Recycle junk mail and shred sensitive letters at the click of the mouse, all with configurable email alerts

  9. Receive and forward mail and packages that can only be sent to a US address for legal or business reasons.

  10. Incorporate your travel startup business in a tax-friendly US state with the help of a local mailing address that offers online access, scanning, forwarding, and dedicated customer support.

Free Trial Offer for Travel and Tourism Industry

You’ll appreciate the fact that Earth Class Mail offers a trial account which you can sign up for in just a few minutes. During the sign-up process you’ll get to pick which state to use as your public USA address in the cloud for your tour company or travel agency. How cool is that?! Here is my list of states that I recommend for travel marketing, but it’s entirely up to you.

USA Address Map for Mailbox Rental

After the free trial you’ll pay as low as $99 per month for the business plan that includes up to 3 user login accounts and unlimited mail. There’s a money back guarantee so you can test it out first to see how your new U.S. office address can be used for email marketing, promotions, in print, and hopefully get more online booking conversions.

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Want to learn more? Read my post on VacationCounts on how a virtual mailbox is ideal for business travelers, expats, and people who travel often and want to digitize their work-life.

Disclaimer: Meliovation, the company that publishes the BookingCounts blog for travel marketing optimization, may receive a commission for referring new customers. However as a long-time customer of Earth Class Mail, the opinions are all our own and our recommendation is based on personal and business experience.

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