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Hoteliers are struggling coming up with ideas on what to write on their blog and Facebook page, not to mention Tweet about.  The advice says to publish 80% travel content and 20% promotional information.  So where can you find new ideas when you are busy running your hotel, B&B, or guest house?

The easiest hotel content marketing advice is to use the Top 10 travel post format.  Top 10 or “Best Of” posts are powerful for hotel SEO, valuable to readers and more likely to be shared online.  Here is how to write top 10 posts for your hotel social media campaign.

Hotel Top 10 List Title Optimization

Probably the most important part of a travel blog post is the title.  Search result pages display it boldly as a summary and to encourage clicks.  The notion of a title also applies to social media posts on Facebook and Google+.  The first sentence of a status update appears like a post title, so treat it as such.

Type the first sentence in Capital Case, so that the first letter of each word is capitalized.  On Google+ you can surround the title with * characters to make it appear bold.  Now hit the enter key so that your hotel social media post title appear on its own line.

Hotel Top 10 Facebook Post Template

When writing the title, follow the common practice of starting it with the words “Top 10…” or “Best…” if you prefer.  When people are searching for trip ideas online, they will often search for the top 10 things to see and do.  Regardless of whether people are searching Google or Facebook, your goal is to have your post rank high and generate clicks.  Make your title count by using keywords that are appealing to travelers.

Hotel Top 10 List SEO

After writing the title, type your top 10 travel list of bulleted or numbered items.  Numbers (1, 2, 3, …) are the way to go when your list is a true top 10 where #1 is the best and #10 is at the bottom of your list.  When your top 10 list is not in any order, use bullet points instead.  For social media posts where bullets are not possible, use another typed character (e.g. > * – … ->).

Hotel Top 10 Google+ Post Template

Make sure to use the full name and location of each item in your top 10 post.  For example in a coffee shop list refer to “Town Best Coffee Shop on Vacation Street” or “Town Best Coffee Shop, Vacation City.”  Including the full business name and location adds valuable and relevant keywords to your post.

Hotel Top 10 Post Marketing

To get the maximum benefit from your top 10 travel-themed post, cross-post on every social media site in which you participate.  The most common places will be Facebook, Twitter and Google+ of course.  Don’t forget Pinterest (popular with travelers) if you wish to post photos of your top 10 list of things to do when visiting your destination.  As with all online marketing for your hotel, add, post, comment and share your top 10 list on every site that you regularly contribute to.

To get more visitors to click through your hospitality website, also write a full blog post for every top 10 list that you share on social media  The bonus content that is only published on your website can include hyperlinks to each place referenced, top 10 maps, staff reviews and links to other useful travel planning resources.

Always include a link from your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter updates to the full article on your blog for people that want to learn more.  That will drive more traffic to your site so you can capture leads with an email newsletter and get more direct bookings.

Hotel Top 10 and Best Of Ideas

Now that you are ready to start posting top 10 lists as part of your hotel’s social media campaign, browse this list of hotel top 10 content marketing ideas.  Pick a title from the list below then start by adding the name of your city or tourism region.  Use the destination name that is most commonly used by people searching online for places to stay in your area.

If you cannot think of 10 “top” things, consider making a “Top 8” or “Top 5” or search online to see what makes the top 10 list of travel bloggers and journalists.  Of course you should never copy content word-for-word from another website for copyright and SEO reasons.

  • Top 10 Reasons To Visit _________
  • Top 10 Romantic Restaurants In _________
  • Top 10 Family Restaurants Near _________
  • Top 10 Day Trips In _________
  • Top 10 Coffee Shops In _________
  • Top 10 Golf Courses In _________
  • Top 10 Hiking Trails Around _________
  • Top 10 Tourist Attractions In _________
  • Top 10 Parks and Gardens In _________
  • Top 10 Festivals In _________
  • Top 10 Scenic Drives When Visiting _________
  • Top 10 Historic Sites In _________
  • Top 10 Museums In _________
  • Top 10 Live Music Venues In _________
  • Top 10 Bars and Clubs In _________
  • Top 10 Beaches In _________
  • Top 10 Tours and Activities In _________
  • Top 10 Free Things To Do In _________
  • Top 10 Events During [MONTH] In _________
  • Top 10 Shopping Streets In _________
  • Top 10 Food and Flea Markets In _________
  • Top 10 Child-Friendly Things To Do In _________

Hopefully this list will keep you busy for many months to come.  Target the long tail by taking any top 10 list title and getting more specific.  The possibilities are endless as you can easily think up new variants (e.g. Top 10 Fish Restaurants, Top 10 Places to Taste Wine, Top 10 Water Sports).  Also remember to revise your lists every year or two as tourism places fall on and off your top 10 list.

Hotel Blogging for Email Remarketing

Recall from the many earlier BookingCounts posts that visitors to your site are highly unlikely to make a booking during their first visit. Writing a hotel or B&B blog with numerous top 10 travel posts drives traffic; that much is clear.  However you must engage in conversion optimization to get more bookings now and later.

Travel email newsletter to inbox to Book Now

When someone is not ready to book now, we recommend using email remarketing to capture leads.  Take advantage of this opportunity by asking people to sign up for your email newsletter.  Promise more top 10 lists as a way to share your trip planning expertise with no obligation.  Along with your latest posts, include a bit of information about your hotel along with the latest room booking specials.  Do everything you can to capture email addresses so you can remind warm leads to return and book later.


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