Travel Landing Pages

Why Landing Pages for Travel Marketers Leads to More Bookings

A landing page is simply the first web page visitors to your website sees when they click on a link to your website.  They may be clicking on your search result listing, an AdWords text ad, a banner ad placement, a social media post, or a travel directory listing such as on TripAdvisor.

The landing page by default is your home page, but is that appropriate for all inbound traffic? The next best option is to deep-link to a hotel, tour, or vacation package page that closely matches visitor expectations.  Or you can go a step further and more effective…. a targeted travel themed landing page!

Travel Landing Page Goals

Your landing page (often called a “squeeze page”) must be targeted to both a “Book Now” and “Book Later” goal.  It must convince people to either making a booking inquiry right away or click through to learn more and consider booking later.  This is your best opportunity to speak to the trip planning needs of your visitor, capture their interest, and convert them from looker to booker.

Travel Landing Page Diagram

Did they click on an AdWords ad for a romantic weekend stay and spa package?  Did they see your Facebook post about hiking in South America? Perhaps the traveler saw your B&B listing and is seeking a place to stay near an upcoming festival.  Your travel landing page can target all these booking scenarios and more!

By following industry best practices, you can design a welcoming, trustworthy, and converting travel landing page that is optimized to get more inbound traffic and bookings.

How to Design a Landing Page for a Hotel, B&B, or Guest House

Hotel Landing Page Design Template

Hotel Landing Page Best Practices

  • Your hotel name in big bold letters at the top to reinforce your hospitality brand.
  • A marketing tag line that matches your text or banner ad copy and how you stand out as unique.
  • One photo (or a slideshow) that instantly shows off your property’s best feature.
  • A bulleted list of reasons (3-5) why you are the place to stay and reserve a room directly.
  • Your full contact information to pinpoint your lodging address and ways to get in touch.
  • Logos, photos, and quotes for awards, testimonials and external proof that you are a reputable hotel.
  • The Book Now call-to-action (CTA) button offering someone more than just a link to your booking engine.
  • An alternative CTA for those who are not ready to book but are interested and wish to learn more .

How to Design a Landing Page for a Tour Operator or Vacation Activity

Tour Landing Page Design Template

Tour Operator Landing Page Best Practices

  • Your tour or travel business name and logo at the top for recognition and branding.
  • A copyrighted travel marketing slogan which also appears in your text and banner ads.
  • An actual tour photo (or slideshow) to highlight the destination you are selling.
  • A targeted list of reasons (3-5 bullet points) how your tour company delivers the best trip experience.
  • Your full contact information to make it clear you are an established and reputable tour operator.
  • Testimonials as well as awards and industry recognition as external proof of your tour leading expertise.
  • The Book Now call-to-action (CTA) button with a special offer or urgency to encourage more clicks.
  • A secondary CTA for most people who are not ready to book now but are excited to learn more.

Next Step – Become a Travel Landing Page Expert

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